Cape Coral was a master planned, pre pladded city founded in 1957, that grew to over 160K in less than 50 years. And it is the Largest city from Tampa to Miam with about 120 square miles located in the Gulf of Mexico. The city is proud of its over 400 miles of canals giving its’ residents and visitors a variety of boating and fishing activities and for that reason Cape Coral is know as the waterfront wonderland. The city has more canal miles than any other city in the world !

In 1963 the population was 2850 and the city had only about 1300 buildings. But by 2015 the population reached 181,000 and growing. If you wanted to go to Fort Myers back in 1963, you had a 20 mile ride from Del Prado and the Edison bridge to cross the river. However that changed in 1964 when the Cape Coral Bridge across the Calloosahatchee river was bilt.

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